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Lundi 27 mai 1 27 /05 /Mai 12:02
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Since 2006, Tokyo European Divers shared actively its passion for diving among the foreign community in Tokyo, organized diving trips and events, trained divers and instructors, shared its best diving sports, provided its best B-series movies, continiously deliver french humour and acccent.

 It's been a lot of fun ! And very gratifying to gather people of different origins under the common passion of diving. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the organization on surface and under water up to now !

 2013 will be an opportunity to step-up and face new challenges.

From June, Tokyo European Divers will cease to operate as a diving association, and move to commercial status. A stronguer focus will be made on divers and instructor trainings.

Also, we developped partnerships with local shops and facilities to be able  to provide appropriate logistic for fun diving tours and trainings.

TED will continue to provide fun tours, PADI and CMAS courses up to instructor level and also introduce french certifications (more emphasis on decompression procedures and deep dives).  

More details coming soon on www.tokyodivers.com (or tokyoeuropeandivers.com)


Thanks again for your support and participation.


Mercredi 1 mai 3 01 /05 /Mai 09:39
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Copyright : Sadodiving Center

Watch in HD!

Dimanche 17 mars 7 17 /03 /Mars 05:38
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La formation Nitrox Confirmé est une des formations les plus enrichissantes, elle permet d'approfondir ses competences de planification, et aussi un premier un premier niveau vers la plongée "tek".

Un plongeur Nitrox confirmé a acquis les compétences nécessaires pour évoluer en autonomie dansun groupe de son niveau. Il est apte à répondre à un besoin d’assistance dans son espace d’autonomie. La formation Plongeur Nitrox Confirmé a été conçue pour préparer le plongeur à évoluer dans l’espace lointain, avec utilisation:

• de tout type de nitrox au fond,

• d’oxygène pur ou de nitrox en décompression,

et à acquérir les connaissances pratiques sur la préparation du matériel pour ce type d’utilisation en association avec les procédures de plongée.

Etre âgé de 18 ans.

• Etre licencié à la FSGT.
• Etre titulaire au minimum du brevet de plongeur niveau II  ou équivalent (PADI AOW + DEEP)
Etre titulaire d'un brevet Nitrox (40%)
• Présenter un certificat médical de non contre-indication à la plongée subaquatique avec scaphandre de moins d’un an.

La formation Nitrox Confirmé est une formation des plus enrichissantes, elle permet d'approfondir ses competences de planification, et aussi un premier un premier niveau vers la plongée "tek".

La formation se deroulera sur un week-end complet a Shishihama (4 plongees).

Contactez-nous pour plus de details.

Dimanche 10 mars 7 10 /03 /Mars 09:31
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drysuit SSNOVARyfr


In March,  dry suits are still recommended. To start the season, TED will offer a Dry-suit training to its members. The training will consist of 2 open-water dive and an orientation class. 

Just pay for the Dry Suit rental (around 4,000 jpy), your air and Certification Application to PADI.

To register please add your name in the comments below. And for the rental please provide us - by separate email - your size, weight and shoe size.

Dry-Suit refreshers also welcome ! 

< Confirmed : Nicolas, Camille, Marie-Luce >


Dimanche 10 mars 7 10 /03 /Mars 09:17
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Flag divemaster02


Tokyo European Divers' DIVEMASTER INTERNSHIP 2013 starts this May (Golden Week) with pool sessions and will continue over the summer with practical applications and workshops. A minimum of 8 accumulated days is required to go through the whole curriculum. You can join anytime our trips and actual guiding experience, you will not get your certification through simulated exercices.

You can pick these days at your own pace to match your schedule and accumulate actual guiding experience during our trip. Dive Theory can be taken online during your spare time (in English, French or Japanese) or through individual studies. 

Both PADI DIVEMASTER and CMAS 3 STARS certifications are possible (one more day required for the double-certification).


A Divemaster is a diving qualification used throughout most of the world in scuba diving for a diver who has overall responsibility for a group of divers. As well as being a generic term, Divemaster also refers to the lowest professional rating of many training agencies which rates the Divemaster just under an Instructor but above an Assistant Instructor.

The role of a Divemaster encompass the following roles:

  Organizing, conducting and supervising recreational diving activities (but not training), both land and boat based.

  Assisting instructors in conducting training programs and activities for certified divers.

  Generally supervising non-training related diving activities by planning, organizing and directing dives.

  Supervise participants in experience programs for uncertified divers.

  Teach and certifying skin divers and snorkelers.

   Conduct scuba review programs for certified divers.


During Divemaster training, candidates learn dive leadership skills through both classroom and independent study. They complete water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that stretch their ability to organize and solve problems as well as help others to improve their abilities.

Candidates put this knowledge into action through our structured internship or a series of practical training exercises and workshops. 


  Open Water Diver Course (or qualifying certification from another training organization)

   Advanced Open Water Diver Course (or qualifying certification from another training organization)

   Rescue Diver Course (or qualifying certification from another training organization)

   First Aid & CPR Training

   60 Logged dives

   Submit a Medical Statement Signed by a by a physician within the last 12 months.

For more details, please drop us a mail to register to our information session on March 23rd at "Aux Bacchanales" Kiocho. Contact us for more details.

Kind Regards,


Dimanche 10 mars 7 10 /03 /Mars 09:00
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We will be having a EAN SP course on Feb 16th in Yoyogi.

Deadline for registration is February 6th.

Practical Application 1 & 2 + Exam (75%)

Manual & Tables to be provided beforehand (JP or English)

Open Water Dives are not required for certification (optional)

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver or equivalent



Ask for more details !



Vendredi 1 février 5 01 /02 /Fév 06:53
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As every year our Bonenkai will be in Kumomi.

Please lock your agenda for a wonderful diving week-end in the breath-taking scenery of Kumomi!
Departure: 5:45am Sat. Dec. 15th 2012 (Shinjuku Nishi guchi Rotary)
Sat: 1 morning boat dive, lunch, 1 afternoon boat dive, diner
Sun: 2 morning boat dives, lunch, on the way back Onsen
Return: Sunday Dec. 16th, late evening

Water temperature is around 20 degrees, wetsuit 7mm + inner OK.

All diving level accepted (from OW and above), under the conditions of showing BOTH Diving certification card AND DAN card (mandatory personal insurance).

If you do not have your DAN card, Onsen !

Please keep in mind that we are under the car seat availability constraint to define the number of participants. Consequently, first to reply, first to be registered!
Looking forward to making bubbles with you.
TED Bureau

Samedi 17 novembre 6 17 /11 /Nov 04:45
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We will be having a Deep SP Course on December 2012 in Osezaki OSPER.

Total of 4 deep dives over the week-end.

Deadline for registration is November 23rd

Prerequisites : Adventure level or equivalent

Minimum 2 candidates  to start the course. Ask for more details.

A CMAS 2 stars certification is also possible (minimum Advanced Open Water level required prior starting the course)

Vendredi 16 novembre 5 16 /11 /Nov 05:02
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Water temperature is 24degree !

Early departure (before 7:00 am) from Shibuya Station. 

- 2h drive via the Tokyo Aqualine.

- 3 boat dives, at least one of those in the "Jimbei Zame" area.

- Drive back to Tokyo in the late afternoon.

Please confirm us your participation asap. Drivers with cars to help carry people and equipment are more than welcome !

DAN Insurance compulsory for members (# to be provided at registration)

See you soon ! TEB Webmaster

< Confirmed : Nicolas (car), x4 students, Sylvain >

Mercredi 17 octobre 3 17 /10 /Oct 09:22
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